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"The Kidz City staff has always been more then a daycare to me. Not only have they helped me raise my kids, they have shown the kids they can be better and do better in today's world."

                          - Britney Cascaden 

My son went to Kidz City for more than two years. He has learned so much. The innovative ideas for teaching the pre-school age children struck a positive chord with me.

The staff treated his differences with exceptional character. Even more so now that we are in a crisis such as Covid -19. They have been extremely conscientious and compassionate in a time where it is sorely needed.

THANK YOU, KIDZ CITY! I appreciate you and all you do.

                                       - Dawnmarie Humphries

I've been sending my kids there for a month or so now and I love it. The best thing for me is that when I drop my kids off they don't cry. The teachers are wonderful too. When they've made a mistake they've owned it and haven't done it again. I've sent them places before where they will lie instead of just taking responsibility. This place is super affordable too.

                                           -Lacey Marks

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