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Meet Our        Staff

Susanne Scott - Owner

Donna Thomas - Administrator
Stacey Rhodes - Administrator

Ericka Hummel - Infant Teacher (under 1 year)

Alyssa Schwochow - Toddler Teacher (1yr olds)

Caylee Daniels - Toddler Teachers (2 yr olds)

Ciera Young - Infant and Toddler Aide

Baby End supervisor : Ericka Hummel 

Katie Keefe - Summer / School Age Teacher

Emily Keefe - Summer / PreSchool Teacher

Karlexi Benavides - Summer/Early PreSchool                                                                                        Teacher 

Preschool/ School Age supervisor : Katie Keefe

Morgan Davidson - Seasonal /Toddler Aide (2 yr olds)

Savannah Ferry - Seasonal / School Age Aide 

Ladonna Onan - Kitchen / All room Substitute Aide



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